Who We Are

About Us

In today’s contemporary business era, the key differentiators for business sustainability and success include healthy organizational culture and climate, Agile implementation practices, coaching and organizational transformation. Culturelligence, LLC was founded with an intent to drive organizational transformation by energizing and engaging leaders and employees as change agents by offering core solutions for sustainability in the areas of Agile, Culture and Coaching.

Our Core Philosophy

Reinvent Values and Culture is our core philosophy and is deep-seated in the mind and hearts of our team. Research has shown that positive and constructive beliefs, values, and healthy behaviors are the essence for constructive cultural DNA for a team and organization. Recreating and reinventing positive values and constructive behaviors help build a healthy culture within the team and organization.

Our Credos

We practice and encourage our clients to practice the “Essential Credos”. They are needed for a high-performance and healthy culture. Individuals and team need to learn and adapt to new technology, skills, innovation and desired behaviors; collaborate and grow as a team and organization; develop client-focus acumen and strive toward quality service; and develop a sense of respect, integrity and trust toward other organizational members.

Our Approach

We believe that One-Size-Doesn’t-Fit-All, as each organization is unique, with different – values, beliefs, culture, leadership, practices, processes and procedures. One organizations systems, structure & processes doesn’t guarantee similar success in a different organization, hence our core belief & approach is to partner to create solutions & services unique to your organization.