Product Owner: Role and Responsibilities

Product Owner translates the vision of a product from customers viewpoint to well-defined user stories, prioritizes the work to be done by the Agile team and ensures value is delivered. His or her core role and responsibilities include: Customer-Centric Focus

  • Communicates customer vision and roadmap to all stakeholders
  • Responsible in defining the scope
  • Collects feedback from customers
Product Backlog Management
  • Ensures backlog items are clear and visible to all stakeholders
  • Ensures development team understand the backlog items
  • Prioritizes and orders items to help the team achieve goals
  • Ensures product backlog is maintained and is up to date
Sprint (Iteration) Events
  • Manages and prioritizes the development team backlog and release plan goals
  • Participates in defining acceptance criteria for user stories
  • Accepts user stories as “done”
  • Maintains and approves the releases
  • Participates in standups and retrospectives
  • Conducts demos and provides feedback
  • Communicates new features and functionality changes to all the stakeholders