Cultural Transformation

Our team helps build high performance value-driven agile culture and rich engagement within teams to enhance organizational performance, health and effectiveness. We use organizational culture and effectiveness assessments as diagnostic tools to help identify current strengths and cultural gaps or barriers that hinder performance, and identify key levers for cultural transformation and change.

Our Approach to Conduct Cultural Transformation

Initial Consulting

We conduct initial discovery meetings, especially with key stakeholders of the senior leadership team, to understand your business needs, explore underlying issues and identify goals/objectives for the Cultural transformation initiative. Our team conducts this need analysis to get a holistic understanding on people (including leaders) and their behavioral dynamics within organization.


Upon initial consultation and need analysis, our team of experts identify and analyze how culture and effectiveness assessments can contribute to high-performance driven culture and engagement within the workplace.

We work with your key stakeholders and leadership team to design agendas and work plans on project information planning, survey administration and data (qualitative & quantitative) collection. Our Consultant – a member of Human Synergistics Global Change Circle™ and Accredited by Human Synergistics International to conduct Organizational Culture Inventory® and Organizational Effectiveness Inventory® – will facilitate these assessments from inception to completion.


We analyze assessment results and qualitative data to identify common themes, current cultural strengths, cultural barriers, and causal factors that can act as potential levers for change. We deliver the assessment results in a detailed report format and present the results as a debrief presentation to you.

Cultural Transformation

Our team of experts provide recommendations on key levers for change that can help you to begin your journey of cultural transformation. We work with your leadership team to design an action plan for organizational improvement and facilitate continuous support as may be needed to foster positive change efforts.