Connect – Converse – Co-create: A Strategy for Creating Employee Experience

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Why Employee Experience is important?

In today’s 21st-century era, business leaders and human resources (HR) practitioners must develop strategies to build valuable employee experience. Creating an enriched experience for employees helps build trust, integrity, and develops collaborative synergies that can strengthen the bond between leaders and their direct reportees. This, in turn, can create a synergistic virtuous cycle within the entire organization, that can help foster higher levels of employee engagement and retention.

How to enhance Employee Experience?

One of the strategy for enhancing engagement and retention is ‘stay interviews’. The article “Stay Interview How-To: Core Features and Advantages” by Dick Finnegan – – highlights the concept of stay interview. I believe stay interview is a means for a leader and his/her direct reportees to “Connect-Converse-Co-create” (the 3Cs). The leader has a one-on-one in-person structured conversation of 20-30 minutes with her reportees to learn specific action steps the leader can take to build and amplify a positive employee experience within the organization.

The core intent to conduct one-on-one in-person 3Cs session is for:

  • The leaders to establish a human connect with their direct reportees
  • Have meaningful feedforward conversations to learn what leaders can do to create an employee value proposition (EVP)
  • Identify common patterns and themes from the series of conversations with all reportees
  • Prioritize the themes and have conversations with executive leaders
  • Strategize ways to implement incremental improvements
  • Communicate to employees so that they can loop it to the 3Cs session & extend their support
  • Review and retrospect to begin the continuous improvement journey


The 3Cs sessions mandates leaders to actively listen, empathize, take notes, and probe for enriched conversations. When 3Cs sessions are implemented thoughtfully and methodically, it helps create collaborative culture and positive employee experience and engagement.

What are your thoughts on “connect-converse-co-create” sessions? As we move into the gig-economy era, how can we create and implement 3Cs sessions with our contractors? If you are interested to collectively ideate and share your thoughts on this key topic, please comment or connect with me. Culturelligence transformation coaches will be more than happy to facilitate these conversations. Thank you!