Candidate Journey/Experience Map – Do You Think Your Organization Might Need One?

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Journey Mapping

Its high time organizations realize and reiterate the fact that best candidates are no different from best customers. There could be no better brand ambassadors than a happy and well-attended candidate, who very likely turns to be a happy and satisfied employee.

Candidates today have various options through their networks, to explore the opportunities available across the globe. They are very particular about what and how they experience throughout their hiring journey, and do not hesitate to share their endorsements and feedback across social platforms. People make decisions today based on their personality traits, cognitive biases, impulses and other factors too. In a perfect world, logically people make decisions based on personal interests, benefits, career progression, financial implications and other concerns. However, unfortunately, people often rely on gut instincts based on beliefs, judgments, peer pressures and unrealistic expectations.

According to Professor Daniel Kahneman of Princeton University, and his colleague Amos Tversky, the following interesting facts apply to how people understand the mind, and make decisions.

  • People make decisions in two ways: Some based on logic, while others from internal biases and gut instincts.
  • Thousands of decisions are made each day intuitively.
  • All decisions are screened with mistaken assumptions, which psychologists call cognitive biases.
  • The mind often invents logical justifications for biased decisions.

Be it Customer Journey Mapping or Candidate Journey Mapping or even Employee Journey Mapping it is all about Experience Mapping.

The candidate journey often involves decisions based on cognitive biases, so it becomes critical to map the candidate experience in the same way that marketers map the customer journey. Understanding your candidate experience and the touch points along the way helps organizations to create better recruitment patterns that attract the most talented candidates.

Customer Journey map is a visual representation of all the touch points the customer has with your company. The organizations first need to have an understanding of:

  • their potential customers
  • their need to buy your products
  • reasons for not choosing your products or services
  • time they might take to make the purchase decisions
  • other concerns what they might have.

Based on these factors, strategies are finalized to design an ideal and delightful experience for their customer.Candidate Journey Maps functions exactly the same way and becomes even more important for every organization, considering the candidate back-out ratios, brand images and competitor benefits. A candidate journey map is a visual representation of the different stages your candidate goes through as part of your recruiting process, and is designed to help the hiring team understand the emotional journey that the candidate is going through.

A well-designed candidate journey map helps with:·      

  • Engaging with candidates during the different stages of the hiring and building an emotional connection with them.
  • Understand what a candidate is going through at each stage of the hiring process, and creating a compassionate candidate experience.
  • Identify operational inefficiencies and enhancing processes at every stage.
  • Provide recruiters a holistic perspective into the different stages of the process, and thereby enable predictability in hiring cycles.
  • Increases your industry reputation and brand value, as a result of candidates expressing their delightful experiences on social platforms.
  • Identify and eliminate risks, and define best recruitment practices.
  • Better use of technology to simplify various stages in the recruitment process.

Author: Divya Narayanan

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