Fanar Intercultural

Fanar is a cultural intelligence assessment company that delivers CQ assessments, training and coaching. CQ is a well researched and validated model for intercultural training from the center for cultural intelligence or CQC. Ghadah Angawi is a certified Advanced CQC Assessor and Trainer. Over the years of working cross-culturally and with international clients, Dr. Angawi uses a combination of leadership and team coaching models with CQ to facilitate transformation in organizations based on a systemic approach to senior leaders and their teams in an ever-changing and intercultural landscape.

Agile PeopleOps Framework

Agile PeopleOps Framework (APF) is a governing body that outlines a unified conceptual framework which facilitates human capital strategy, planning, talent acquisition and talent engagement through agile practices. The APF is built on a simple philosophy – people as “enablers” drive the agile talent acquisition process, use the right tools, technology and techniques to hire talent, and are responsible for continuous improvement of the process.

The Job Hackers

It is the mission of The Job Hackers to provide individuals with the knowledge and experience needed to navigate the complex world of knowledge work. We do this by not only  giving our participants valuable knowledge about software development to prepare them for real-world jobs, but working with them and employers to ensure the proper placement of the participants. We believe in the power of proper education to imbue its participants with skills the market is happy to pay for. It is because of this the education given to people in transition is without cost. The Job Hackers model is to not receive compensation for their valuable training until our participants are placed in a job matching their training.

DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA)

DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) is an open global community for DevOps and Agile Skills development. It is organized as a community-driven organization open for participating member organizations to help define role-based competencies and learning curricula. DASA encourages everyone to participate in building a universal competence baseline in the market, that will benefit both corporations and professionals.

Human Synergistics International

Human Synergistics International (HSI) is the pioneer in quantifying organization development and talent management concepts, including organizational culture, leadership impact, team synergy, and individual styles. For more than 40 years, HSI has helped organizations unlock their potential through its world-renowned products, including the Leadership/Impact® 360, Desert Survival Situation™ team‐building simulation, and Organizational Culture Inventory®. Combined with consulting support from its Global Change Circle, HSI’s assessments and simulations bring about changes so fundamental and powerful that they extend beyond the boundaries of client organizations and effectively promote the development and sustainability of communities, countries and, ultimately, the world. HSI is Changing the World—One Organization at a Time®.

Agile Coaching World

Agile Coaching World (ACW) is a global community of Agile Practitioners who are developing niche coaching skills and learning collaboratively to create organizations of future. ACW’s Connect.Learn.Impact philosophy provides a collaborative learning platform to all Agile Practitioners and Coaches with an intent to transform teams and organizations to a new world of Agility. ACW hosts mentoring calls every month for professionals to connect with Agile Coaches and learn techniques and tools of Agile Coaching.