Agile PeopleOps Framework (APF™ ) Solutions

Culturelligence is an Elite Partner of Agile PeopleOps, USA that introduced the Agile PeopleOps Framework (APF™) for PeopleOps (aka HR) function. Our Offerings include:

APF™ Implementation

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Agile HR / PeopleOps

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APF™ Training &

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APF™ Implementation Roadmap

Transformation Initiation

Discovery Sessions
  • Understand your business needs
  • Clarify your business purpose, strategic role and goals
Assessment and Analysis
  • Assess current state
  • Explore underlying problems: the five why(s)
  • Analyze behavioral dynamics
Introduce Agile PeopleOps Framework (APF™)
  • Identify and analyze how APF™ can support
  • Articulate the rationale to all leaders and key stakeholders

Transformation Preparation

Learn Key Concepts
  • APF™ Manifesto, Values and Principles
  • Lean and Agile methodology
  • New practices in PeopleOps / HR
Experiential Learning and Certifications
  • Apply APF™ concepts to current real-time problems – role plays, groups discussions and activities
  • Completion of the program entitles individuals to become APF Certified professionals

Transformation Journey

Engage Team
  • Define Objectives and Key Results Areas (KRAs)
  • Establish confidence indexes
  • Participate in workflow visualization and Agile ceremonies
Track Human Effectivity Indicators
  • Define metrics
  • Articulate leading & lagging performance indicators
Inspect and Adapt Sessions
  • Retrospect and implement action plans
  • Develop a learning culture

Agile HR / PeopleOps Coaching

“In today’s 21st century and near-future, what the PeopleOps leaders and practitioners need are Coaches.”

At Culturelligence, our PeopleOps Coaches and APF™ Accredited Trainers are passionate about helping PeopleOps leaders and practitioners reach their utmost potential. Our Coaches can help build a coaching culture within your organization via individual and group coaching programs. If you are looking for a Coach, connect with us here and our team will revert.