Agile PeopleOps Framework

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Today agile practices are not just limited to engineering function but quickly spreading across various other functions including Human Resources (HR). Irrespective of the company size or industry type, agile and modern thinking practices need to be implemented across people practices, especially in a business era where HR Transformation is imperative.

Does Agile Manifesto and its Principles work for HRs too? Are there new solutions which aren’t old fashioned or specific function (industrial, engineering etc.) driven, but is more people-centric and value-driven? Do we have one-stop solutions that will give us the opportunity to rethink the way we are hiring, engaging, training and retaining people within organization

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What is Agile PeopleOps framework?

A unified conceptual framework that facilitates Human Capital Strategy, Planning, Acquisition and Engagement through Agile practices.

Why Agile PeopleOps Framework?
  • Alignment between strategy and execution with visibility of work-in-progress
  • Faster closure of requisitions using lean-agile methodology
  • Build cross-functional symphonic orchestra across stakeholders (including candidates)
  • Create a coaching and learning culture via Inspect. Adapt. Adopt
  • Develop, implement and analyze agile metrics for effective hiring process

After organizing a successful meetup at New Jersey on March 12th, Agile PeopleOps is heading to Bangalore. Culturelligence, an elite partner of Agile PeopleOps is privileged to host this meetup, and one of the New Jersey, USA Speakers, would be a speaker here too 🙂