Great insightful experience | June 16, 2018 | Agile-HR meetup group

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Agile-HR Meetup

Culturelligence team members (organizers of Agile-HR Meetup group at Bengaluru, India | conducted a meetup on June 16, 2018. Meetup Theme: What does talent acquisition process mean to you as a TA/HR professional The attendees had a group discussion, shared their experiences, thoughts and learning with each other. Each of the attendee highlighted the small nuances and intricacies within the recruitment and HR industry that Recruitment and HR professionals need to be mindful. The key highlights:

  • Talent acquisition is proactive and strategic
  • Recruiters need to be passionate when interacting with talent (aka candidates)
  • Effective screening by recruiters is imperative to hire quality talent
  • Companies need to be process-centric, and teams need to adhere to the processes
  • Frequent quality checks need to be integral to the process
  • Recruiters and HR professionals need to demonstrate courage (a Value of Agile PeopleOps Framework)
  • Hiring managers need to be educated on hiring compliance
  • Individuals and teams should be educated and coached to add value throughout the process
  • Leadership buy-in is imperative to drive change
  • Agile practices in HR brings transparency, visibility and increases productivity
Thanks to Manikandan Alagu, Priya Mani, Bajeesh Balakrishnan, Ramya Patel, ⚡Varun Kapadia⚡, (PGDBM), Nandha Kumar, Hari Sumanth Ch, Jayakanthi K, Sreenivas S, and Lakshmi CV for joining.