Cultural-Engagement Intelligence

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Companies are currently operating in a dynamic flux of VUCA World – both internally and externally. As of date, external threats and opportunities are not just limited to changes in economy, government forces, disruptive technology inclusive of artificial and cognitive intelligence, new and innovative entrants but also include many other composite forces. Internally organizations are facing multitude of challenges not just limited to different workforce generations, new demands in quality of work life, emerging concepts in leadership development, performance management, talent development, and other related & specialized areas. This internal and external VUCA flux can be dealt by factoring in a holistic set of values, feelings and behaviors – collaboration, optimism, innovation, accountability, transparency and openness, trust, integrity, customer happiness, mutual respect, shared learning, and many more. All these positive constructive values, feelings and behaviors can be weaved into a “cultural-engagement intelligence” framework that has the capability to enhance organizational health.