Candidate Experience – the ‘pull’ strategy in Talent Acquisition

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Today’s business market and economy is booming with many startups and there is already a plethora of SMEs. These companies may not have an allocated budget or funds for cognitive technologies, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), or smart hiring tools to guide the entire TA process. In these scenarios, leadership team of startups and SMEs need to figure out ways to channelize their TA as a streamlined process.

Here are few factors of Pull Strategy in Talent Acquisition outlined below-

  • distinct contemporary sourcing channels easily available in the market (social media, educational institutions, referrals from internal employees or external network circle, veterans, diversity institutes, free job posting sites)
  • coach recruiters that they represent the face of the company and candidates are external clients. During the first call itself recruiters will need to establish social/psychological connections to create personalized “candidate experience” (CEX) that can have a positive impact on company’s brand
  • coach hiring team that human beings are biased (consciously and unconsciously) and diverse teams can generate more ideas than homogeneous groups
  • plan towards designing structured or behavioral interviews that can evaluate candidates skill and attitude fitment to job skills
  • outlay a process to email ‘rejected candidates’ that company will take efforts to keep them abreast with similar internal positions
  • practice the art of social/emotional intelligence as a smile, humbleness, patiently responding to candidate questions, being responsive via emails/phone/messages, and the like can go a long way in strengthening the personalized CEX
Irrespective of a company size, the most important factor to be considered is value- and culture-fitment. Are candidates values aligned to company’s values? Do they have the capability of acclimatizing to the company’s sub-culture and culture? With or without technology, the art of creating personalized CEX is of utmost importance in today’s global, diverse and cross-generational workforce business era. This holds true irrespective of the employment type – full-time, part-time, freelancers, crowds, or gig specialists. What are your thoughts on building CEX for companies? Please feel free to share so that together we can create a mutual learning community. Thank you!